International School of the Learners is a private elementary school providing educational services in French, from 5 years preschool to Grade 6 inclusive. International School of the Learners opened its doors in September 2000 with the support of the Muslim community in Montreal.

Our school is a member of the Federation of Private Education Institutions (FEEP) since August 2002. The Federation has more than 160 institutions of preschool, primary and secondary schools visited by over 150,000 students. Our adherence to the FeeP allows us to assess the quality of our services and our organization one of the most famous private schools. It also allows us to establish rewarding relationships with the best private schools and speaking to inspire us best practices of Quebec schools. In addition, the International School of the Learners maintains cooperative relations with several Muslim schools across Canada; This cooperation opens the doors of the Muslim community and gives us access to what is best in other Muslim institutions.

In addition, since its opening, the school progresses, fireplace, is structured, increasing its customer base and its reputation is excellent. Now she wants to take a further step to become an international school to give its students the highest level of training. It is thanks to these efforts that the school wanted a thorough review of its educational project to more accurately it reflects his beliefs and ambitions. Consultations, discussions and analyzes in recent years have reinforced the idea to apply to the organization of schools in the International Baccalaureate, IB. The response of the IB was positive:

International School of the Learners is a candidate school to teach the PYP. Our business would like to become a World School IB. Schools IB World share the same philosophy: a commitment to challenging, international education and high quality, which we consider important for our students.

The school, for this educational project, wants to clearly define its policy and increase the consistency of its actions.